Sunday, July 11, 2010

Summer Sunday

Trying to choose our next car
Car Show, FontHill, Doylestown PA
We went to the Road Angles car show at FontHill in Doylestown today.  It is one of our favorite car shows of the year.  We used to go to lots of car shows.  We now only go to a few now.  We go early, sit along the edge of the parking lot and watch the cars arrive.  It is really the best way to see the cars.  The look best when the are in motion and I don't have to walk around in the heat.  Yeah!

This weekend was also the beginning of summer vegetable meals.   Last night we had the first jersey sweet corn.  And was it every good.  Anyone remember the scene from What About Boy where Bill Murray is eating sweet corn?   Yeah.  that's how good it was!  Today we had steamed yellow beans and yellow squash for lunch. I can remember meals at my grandmothers where vegetables were all we had.  And they were all fresh from the garden.  I think fresh vegetables straight from the garden made me a very picky vegetable eater.

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