Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Coaching the Artist Within

It was back to work today. I need some semblance of order to my days so I don’t just rush through them. I had started reading in the mornings on vacation and decided I would try to read just for a little bit each morning to start my day off with a sense of calm and a relaxed feeling. I decided against a painting book as that requires  larger blocks of time to delve into than I can devote on a work morning.  A few months ago I had started to read Coaching the Artist Within, by Eric Maisel, but the book got buried among magazines.  I unearthed it last week while on vacation and started to read it again.  It’s really a wonderful book. He coaches artists, musicians, writers through their different types of road blocks by first learning about their lives, habits, interests and concerns and then begins to ask them tough question, questions that they just can’t ask themselves, maybe because they really don't want the answer?  The stories are very insightful.

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