Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

Courtesy of FoodTV - Alton Brown's Macaroni and Cheese
Today was my sweetheart's birthday.  I won't say how old.  He is a kid at heart and that is really all that matters.  He keeps me smiling and laughing.    He wanted strawberry shortcake for his birthday cake and  I whipped that up this morning.  My Mom and Dad joined us this evening to share in the birthday wishes.   I made a special dinner last night, something terribly gourmet . . . shake 'n bake chicken and baked macaroni.   Yup, we live quite a life here!   He loves shake 'n bake.  And baked macaroni is another favorite.  I've made one way for all of my life.  But I got a bit curious several months ago and found this recipe from Alton Brown of Food TV  It is not difficult to make (watch the video!) and it's really good.   The secret is the cheese.

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  1. I find that cheese is very often the secret. To nearly everything.


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