Saturday, July 31, 2010

Kitchen Remodel

My days as an electrician's helper are over and we have moved on to buying appliances.  First a real dishwasher.  We have lived in this house 11 years with an apartment size dishwasher, which is 18 inches wide instead of the normal 24 inches.  Through all of our research on line, we have come to the conclusion that there is just too much information on the web, at least in terms of rating and opinions.   We walk in the store with a brain full of data, look around and dishwashers, listen to the sales person and walk out with information overload.  We've done that twice and did not buy a dishwasher.   We have not even explored stove, refrigerator, counter top, floor and back splash!   We were sure we wanted stainless appliances, but have discovered it shows fingerprints and dirt more than white or black.   And with 2 dogs that is something to consider.   But, the kitchen would look SO nice with stainless appliances.  So, we go back and forth.   It's not really a roller coaster ride, but we are going round and round!   Soon, we will decide and the ride will stop and I can get off.  I hope?

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