Sunday, July 4, 2010

God Bless America

My job as an electrician’s helper continued on Friday and to Saturday morning. The electrician is pretty good at what he does. He had to do far more than originally anticipated. But, the good news is light switches are on the wall and the post is gone and the kitchen looks huge! It’s really great. Now for the next phase. Thankfully my husband is very handy and when he comes up against an obstacle he keeps at it until he figures out how to get the job done. He has had and continues to have many great ideas. We celebrated Saturday night with a barbequed (yup!) steelhead trout dinner at the home of some friends. Thanks for dinner guys. On the way home we managed to see fireworks. We ended the weekend with the 4th of July parade in town which is a big deal and a picnic after. Tomorrow, it’s back to work for my hard working husband and I go back on Tuesday. I did manage to get in some drawing and home to do more tomorrow.

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