Friday, August 26, 2011

I'm as corny as Kansas in August?

Given the weather forcast for hurrican/tropical storm, i don't hav emuch planned for this weekend . . . just a hair cut early Saturday morning.

However, last weekend we were as corny as Kansas in August.   We froze 8 dozen ears of corn last Sunday.  What a messy job.   Chuck shucked the corn (seen below)

and he also helped cut it off the cob.   What a trooper!   We had stuff everywhere.  Darla was helping by cleaning  the floor.   

We ate a little as we worked because we needed quality control, right?

We should have fresh corn until next spring.   Thru the fall and winter we can have corn with dinner, I can make stuffed peppers, corn chowder and one of my favorites, tomato corn pie.  

I'll keep you posted about the weekend weather.   I expect the Delaware River will rise.  We are 1/2 mile from the river but significantly high enough that we should be safe.  I've always said if the river is at our house, we will need Noah to rescue us!  I do expect some roads to flood and others to be closed because of downed trees.  Since we are the last house on a dead end road.  I expect we will be house bound.   Not a problem.   I have lots I can do.



  1. Corn is yummy with anything :)
    That was a lot of work!!!
    Stay safe with Irene coming for a long weekend ... Guests like her are a trial!

  2. Ah, corn. This is the first year since...goodness, about 1980 that I haven't put any up. I used to host a big party every August called Corn Fest - I always fixed appetizers, the fried chicken (usually about 100 breasts and 30 or more legs) and the corn, 10 dozen ears, as well as fresh green beans and rolls; everybody else would bring a side dish or dessert. Sometimes, there'd be no room for all the food, and we'd end up putting the desserts on the washer and dryer til time.
    Ah, those were the days....


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