Tuesday, August 2, 2011

How much is in your glass?

I subscribed to The Painters Keys. It's a bi-weekly email from a very prolific writer and painter. He always has great stories and advice and I always find both inspirational. What gives his emails extra depth are the reader comments he invites. He calls that section "Current Clickback".  Those opinions/stories are always interesting and they are filled with inspirational paintings.  I have subscribed to the email for quite awhile but typically do not get a chance to read them as they come in.  So I often take a block of time to go through the last few month of emails.  The "Clickback" from a few months ago started out with "Our attitudes determine our accomplishments". The person talked about people having either a "glass is half-empty" or a "glass is half-full" attitude.  The writer thought perhaps that the half-empty folks were destined to have emptier and emptier glasses, while the half-full folks were bound to have fuller and fuller ones?  I've always been a glass in half-full kind of person, thankful and happy for the blessings I have been given.   I do on occasion dwell on the half-empty glass and it is in these times that I need to remind myself that the glass really IS half-full.  How about you?

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