Thursday, August 4, 2011

Evening on the River

I thought I'd share this picture with you.  I've had meetings the last few nights at church.  I took this tonight before my meeting.  Our church is right on the river - it's a very beautiful place. 

Evening cruise on the Delaware River at Titusville/Washington Crossing

Last night was the first of many meetings to plan for the church's 175th anniversary in 2013. It's very exciting to work towards this.  Not exactly sure where we are heading but it will be fun planning and quite a journey.  I'm also on the Church Life and Fellowship committee and we met to plan our fall calender and, yes we talked about when we would go christmas caroling.  I, of course, had to ask if we really had to talk about Christmas in early August because I'm a brat!  However, the bulk of the meeting was devoted to planning for Duck Duck Pig which is a cookout (the pig part) in the fall that the community is invited to.  Everyone gets a yellow rubber duck to race in the canal (the duck, duck part).  It's a hoot, or should it be a quack.  Oh, that was bad.  Sorry!

about 100 ducks "racing" down the canal

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