Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Vacation at Home

I have been off from work for several days and I should not admit this, but I have not painted yet! I thought I would paint first thing each morning. There is a belief that the morning is your most creative time, before thoughts of the day and life really start to kick in. Paint before the coffee gets cold in your cup. Of course the danger there early in the morning is that you mistake your cup for the water! Yuck! I thought I would get up in the morning and paint. However, each morning when I stepped on the deck with the dogs, the cool morning air beckoned me to stay and relax and read. The air felt so wonderful and I knew a hot day was on only hours away. It was difficult to walk back inside. So I quickly made a pot of coffee and found a painting book and planted myself on the deck. And so here we are halfway thru vacation and I have not painted. But I HAVE relaxed and read a lot and I’m happy with that. My husband has been off all week too. We done a lot of things we don’t normally get a chance to do. And today we took an amazing trip to Conowingo Hydro Electric Dam along the Susquehanna River just north of where the river empties into the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. We did not go to see the dam, but to see birds in the area. When the turbines are running, the fish don’t fare too well, and thus the eagles and other birds to fare very well. The area is known to be the best place east of the Mississippi to see bald eagles, but usually in the winter months. We thought we would check it our for a future trip. We saw about 20 bald eagles and 20 great blue herons, along with a few other birds we don’t normally see at home. This is a picture of the river below the dam. Just about every rock had either a GHB or an eagle on it. We will be going back this fall.

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  1. I find that I'm more creative in the mornings, but a friend of mine writes best at night after supper when she has nothing pressing on her for the rest of the day. Everybody's got their own creative rhythm, so if the morning thing didn't pan out, try something else next vacation!


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