Saturday, June 26, 2010

Elements of Design

What are the Elements of Design you ask.  Well, let me tell you!  Wait, if you are an artist, you should know, do you?  They are space, shape, line, value, color, texture and pattern.  And not every painting has to have all of them.  Thank you to Margot Schulzke and A Painter's Guide to Design and Composition.  Actually, the elements of design are something that I am aware of when I paint, either consciously or subconsciously. It was interesting though to read someone's description of what each one is.   My paintings do not have all of the elements of design. Many of my paintings came to life as paint, brush and water hit the paper.  And therefore a few of the elements are missing, but the paintings still work. Paintings that were  planned have more of the elements of design.   I don't always feel like planning.  Sometimes I feel a bit more adventurous and want to just put paint and water on paper, tilt the paper, try a few tricks and see what appears.  Other times I have a pretty specific idea of what I want to paint.  That requires planning and investing a fair amount of time, but like any journey well planned, there are not too many surprises along the way.  I still have a lot to read and learn in A Painter's Guide to Design and Composition and a few lessons to complete.

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