Friday, June 11, 2010

Good Day, Sunshine

It's Friday and I am at home working on lots of different things. It's nice to have a day off from work! The sun it shining and it's not humid. What a day! The dogs had walks and now they are happy and snoring!. I would like to paint but I am a bit distracted by a few other projects I am trying to finish this month. I am almost set to list things on Etsy. It requires a lot more planning than one would expect. And while I am doing that I am also revamping my website. So I'll just tell you about what I want to paint soon. I like to work on 2 paintings at the same time. I can go back and forth between them and always keep a fresh perspective on them. The first will be of a mini castle with a field of lavender in the foreground. The inspiration came from a photo a friend sent. In keeping with my need to stray from what's in front of me, the painting will be of my own special place inspired by this photo. The other painting will be quite different. I found the "inspiration" a week ago in a cooking magazine . . . it is a strawberry cake, with white icing, with a piece cut from it, decorated with deliciously gorgeous strawberries. All beautifully displayed atop an old white tin cake stand. I just have to paint it and it will require a fair amount of restraint on my part because I will not be able to change too much. Along with the picture of course is a recipe. I think my reward for painting the cake will be making it and sharing it! Hmm, maybe I should reconsider my overall inspiration and incentive for painting! I may be be on to something here!

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