Friday, August 27, 2010

A Night at the Fair

I guess at this age a walk down memory lane happens almost every day, or at least a few times a week?   Please say yes.  It is not that I am old, just oldER.  I took a walk down memory lane last night in the form of a night at the 4H Fair.  I spent lots of time at the Flemington Fair many years ago, and I just loved it.   And now each year when we go to the 4H Fair (same fair different location) I look around at the kids and wonder if they realize how lucky they are.  They must, right?   I watched an open class sort of show, calves, chickens, sheep and goats, all together with young kids showing the animals.  It is so wonderful to see kids that enjoy working with the animals, are not afraid to get dirty and don't mind the smell of animals.  And that love camping at the fair.   Makes  me feel good about life!   I could walk around, and around, and around, soaking up the "fair vibes".   I went to the fair to meet up with friends.  I had trouble connecting by cell phone with them.  Yes, I know the 4H fair and cell phones do not really go together.   I wandered through the animal barns, watched the ladies spinning wool, petted a few baby goats and headed over to look at the quilts, handwork and rug hooking.  I figured I'd eventually find my friends and I did.  I did take a side trip into the Alpaca tent and exerted great restraint by not purchasing alpaca wool that I really did not need.   However, it occurred to me as I was looking for my friends that I might be wandering around the fair by myself, and that was OK.  I was never in 4H, but my friend Cindy was in 4H and I lived 4H vicariously thru her.   She was the Dairy Princess one year.   Naturally, we don't let her live that down!  I spent almost as much time as the fair each year as she did.   I like the simpler things in life, always have.  I guess that's why I liked the fair and still do.  

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