Sunday, August 22, 2010

Music of Rain

The sound of rain is like music today.   It's been raining off and on since early morning and it's finally picked up to a real steady down pour.  The weather report is for rain all day, I only hope and pray that it really does rain all day. We need it so very bad. 

Lambertville, just up the river from us, set off a firework show every Friday night over the Deleware River.  I finally got to see them Friday night.  They were fantastic!   We sat on a rock right along the water and watched.  Great fun! 

Saturday Cindy brought me a fresh chicken.  Friend of hers raise chickens and recent started a grass fed beef herd.  I stuck the chicken in the freezer for a Sunday dinner in the fall. I have to get past the idea that I am eating someones pet.   I know it sounds silly.   It's way better than supermarket chicken (we won't mention names) because it totally natural.    I spent a good bit of time with Cindy looking at fabric for ideas for window treatments for their living room.  We looked at paint colors a few weeks ago.   I love color so I get totally lost in looking at fabric and my mind wanders to other ideas.  But we had fun.    Oh and since we were in Joanne's I had to buy some wool.   Not that I needed any, mind you.  But again, it's the color thing.  

That's what I've been doing instead of painting.  I have two paintings 80 percent complete, just staring at me.  I am almost certain of the next step for each but am afraid to take that step because I might ruin what I've done.    I need to find some courage pills, or maybe just a glass of wine will do!   And really, I don't think I'll ruin them, I'll just make more work for myself it thing go amiss.

Thanks for "listening".

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