Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Tooth Fairy

Yesterday the DJs on the radio station I listen to were talking about how inflation has hit the tooth fairy.  It reminded me of my tooth fairy days.   I was not a bad kid. I pretty much stayed out of trouble.  But my parents told me that there was a good tooth fairy and a bad tooth fairy.  My father has no recollection of this and cannot understand why he would have ever done it.  I distinctly remember him calling the tooth fairy on the telephone to tell him/her that I had lost a tooth.  And then telling me he did not know who would come, the good tooth fairy or the bad tooth fairy.  What would you do after that phone call.  Would you put your tooth under YOUR pillow and go to sleep at night, alone, in the dark, wondering who was coming into you room to take something from underneath your pillow.   No way, Jose.  My  tooth went in a cup on top of the TV!  Nice a safe all the way at the other end of the house.   Yeah, I was not the bravest kid.  I met a little girl many years ago, with a pretty name, Leilani, who handle the tooth fairy thing in an entirely different way.  She didn't really believe, at 6 years old, that the tooth fairy existed.   She insisted on proof.  Her mom, being a creative person, sprinkled baking flour in the window sill in her daughter's bedroom and made little footprints in the flour.   The next morning when Leilani awoke she had a gift from the tooth fairy under her pillow and proof that there really was a tooth fair.  I just love that story.  

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