Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Technology is frustrating

Buddy's Lookout
I have to be careful what I say because technology is what allows me to reach out to everyone, and do some of the fun things with my artwork, like the fabric that arrived last week that I could not write about because my computer was not working.  Truth be told, the computer is really the only thing I find to be frustrating.   Could be in part because there are things I don't understand about it's workings and I will leave it as a mystery!  The fabric.  Wow, it is really great.  Colors are excellent, fabric texture is very nice to the touch and my little mind is whirling with all the things I can do.  It will take me a while to get it all figured out and that means it will be a while before anything appears on Etsy.   It has to make it out of my head and thru my fingertips.  But, it will!  It's way too beautiful not to share.  

So my computer is working again.   I'll spare you the details except that when I got everything working again my mouse gave up the ghost.   Timing is everything!   I figured I could survive another day without a computer so I spent some time outside.   Now that it's September, the weather is beautiful, but still no rain. 

I've also been to the Vet twice with Buddy, our 90lb yellow lab mix.   When we return from a short walk he has a bit of a limp in his front left leg and I could not see anything wrong with his foot or leg.   The vet wanted to see if he had elbow dysplasia and while he was at it he wanted to look at his hips.   Turns our my 5 years Buddy has arthritis in both hips and the elbow.   He is on 1 aspirin a day which helps alot and that can be increased but it can also upset his stomach.  I'm looking into magnet therapy as that is supposed to work for dogs as well as humans.   But he can still get up in that chair.  It's such a hoot to see him in the chair.   Like he belongs!  

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