Sunday, September 12, 2010

Duck, Duck, Pig

Yesterday was the second annual Duck, Duck Pig community event at the Titusville Presbyterian Church and WOW, what a beautiful day it was.  Thanks to all that made it possible.  What is Duck Duck Pig?  It starts Friday evening about 10 pm when our pastor begins cooking about 80 lbs of pork (with help to keep him awake thru the night) to serve up yummy pulled pork sandwiches the next day to all who come to get a rubber duck to race in the canal.   I should mention here that the Delaware and Raritan canal flows behind our church and the Delaware River in front.  It's truly a beautiful setting.  Duck Duck Pig is the Church's fall kick off community event (followed by a breakfast the following morning to start sunday school ). The event is a duck race and a pig roast with lots of food and fun for all.   You pick your favorite duck or if you have a special number you can pick the duck with that number, if you come early enough!  While you wait for the ducks to be "launched" into the canal at a set time from the bridge at Church Road you can enjoy your pulled pork sandwich and lots of delicous church speciality dishes.  The kids play games and can have a pig or a duck "tattoo" painted on their face or anything they can think of.  I saw a few butterflies.  There was also a quoits tournament.   Once the race started, their were over 100 little rubber ducks racing down the canal to win their owners one of the many prizes that were donated by many local businesses.   Thank you to all for the generous donations. 

Fanning the Fire . . . thanks Chris
Chef /Pastor Will Shurley (center) and Sous Chefs Bill Yost (left) Andrew Long (right)
Rubber Ducks waiting to be claimed to go Racing!

And they're off . . launched from bridge in center left of picture
Half way down the Canal
Crowd anxiously waiting for their duck along with the duck rescue kayaks


  1. I just love autumn and everything about it. Your day looks fabulous and I bet the pork was delicious.

  2. Thanks Sandra. Can I tell you I just love Thistle Cove Farm blog. It was the first blog I started to follow (before actually signing on as a follower). There's always something there to make me smile!


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