Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cooler days have arrived

Darla and Buddy enjoying a little sunshine
Whoa, I cannot believe last week flew by so fast.  And this week is now well underway.  It seems that's what happens this time of year.  All of a sudden someone hits the gas peddle, and hard!   It either has something to do with my getting older (NAH!) or I like this idea better . . . there is less daylight so the days SEEM to go faster.  Yup, I'm sticking with that one!  

Also around this time of year, the dogs gravitate to the sunny spots in the house.   This photo was taken this weekend.  Can you feel the love?  Buddy is a yellow lab with some hound.  Darla is black lab and wild thing!  They bring us great joy.   Darla loves to be outdoors, no matter what the weather.  She loves her yard and will sit all day and watch for something to come into the yard, or find sticks and chew them up!  Buddy will spend some time outside, but would really rather be inside with his people.  Although different in many ways, they seem to "tolerate" each other.   The two of them in the sun, snuggled up or trying to fit into a space only large enough for one dog will be a common site throughout the fall and winter months.  They are both rescue dogs, Buddy from a rescue league in South Jersey and Darla all the way from North Carolina!   We rescued Darla a month after Buddy, he really needed a companion.  It still amazes us how well they get along.


  1. Cooler weather - hurrah! The dogs look like fast friends; even Twinkies come in twos...smile.

  2. BTW, Colleen - saw your CAST on the side bar and visited...fabulous! It's so wonderful reading about this group and visiting the blog. Many thanks. I've often thought of doing something similar but am too etsy stupid; many thanks for stepping up to the plate!
    God's blessings on all of you.


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