Sunday, October 3, 2010

Baking Bread

You may recall in a post a few days ago I mentioned transporting sour dough starter across state lines.  Well, that was not how I described it but that is what I did.  I brought home sour dough starter from Virginia.  And Saturday I baked 3 loaves of bread.   I meant to take pictures of the loaves fresh out of the oven, but we dove into the first loaf so fast that all thoughts of a camera were left in the dark corners of my brain, crowded out by the smell and anticipation of the taste of warm bread.  If I do say so myself (as my Great Grandmother used to say) it was delicious.   Thank you Ann McConnell for the starter and recipe!    I gave one of the remaining 2 loaves to our pastor and his wife, she is from Radford, VA which is pretty much where the starter originated from.   I will, as the recipe says to, pass on a cup to a friend.   And I "fed" the remaining starter so it lives on and I can keep making bread.  Wahoo!

Still need to post a few pictures from vacation.  Will get to that soon.   Have been painting a bowl of tomatoes too.   It's coming along.   I moved on from another painting that was holding me back on painting altogether.  In the meantime I have had another idea about how I could paint the same scene and have more fun with it.  It's time to paint a Christmas Card, or two or three which means I have to start looking through old winter photographs and old Christmas cards for "inspiration".


  1. And why didn't you stop by Thistle Cove Farm and visit? We're only a ways from Radford. Good for you, transporting sour dough starter across state lines; now you're a wanted woman! The best ones are, you know. -grin-

  2. Ah, I thought about it. I knew we were close and looked when I got home and now know how close to Radford you are. I think a visit to Thistle Cove is in my future. With one or two spinning friends (I only knit). One of the spinners makes prayer shawls and hats for helmets (not the real name of the prgram). I like to call her the c crazy hat lady because she has so many hats going at one time. Maybe we'll come for sheep sheering?


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