Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Look What I Won!

You may remember earlier this year I participated in One World One Heart.  OWOH is an event for bloggers and a chance to meet and make new friends all around the world.  It lasts about 2 weeks. And in that 2 week period there are a lot of people to visit.  You can enter a drawing for a giveaway item on each blog you visit.  The item is usually a piece of artwork.  There were almost 1,000 bloggers participating this year.  There are lots of kind, generous and talented people out there and lots of inspiration.  I visited lots of blogs and  made many new blog friends, found some neat ideas and was inspired!  I really needed to take a few days off from work to visit all the blogs I wanted to visit and soak up all the art I wanted to.  As a result of all my blog visits, I am now the proud owner of these two beautiful pieces.

The Angle of the Seas from Debbie at CrafyMoose.  The Angel is hanging safely in my bedroom, protected during the day from Buddy.  Debbie has many beautiful things, I love her beaded flowers!

And from Naked Heart Studio, this cute Jester.   She is in the den on my painting table, watching me, providing inspiration. She too is safe from Buddy during the day.  Visit Robin at Naked Heart Studio to view or participate in the 2011 Project 365, a quest to create 365 pieces of art, one a day for 365.  

This was the fifth and final year of One World One Heart.  Next year Lisa from Whimsical Bohemian, who works VERY hard at organizing and running OWOH is starting Our World Our Art.  As this was my first year participating in OWOH, I'm really looking forward to Our World Our Art.

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  1. Fabulous prizes and extremely motivating, especially when in full sight...smart woman, you!
    Nice to see you posting; you've been missed, Colleen.


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