Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

I have listened to lots of fireworks the last few evenings but I have not seen any.  They were very loud and rhythmic so they must have been very gorgeous - the ooh and ah kind.

It's been quite a while since I last posted.  I took a break form my computer.   It lasted a bit longer than I expected [big grin!].  I wish I could say I accomplished something earth-shattering, but I did not.   I painted a bit . . .  and now have a few more things that need to be finished . . . seems to be my pattern for the last little while.  I did finish 2 knitting projects I had started.  Yeah!   I am now an accomplished knitter . . . I can watch TV or a movie and knit at the same time.  I have not learned how to knit in the dark though, not that that would be a useful skill but I recently met someone that can knit in the dark.  It would be quite entertaining to see what I could produce in the dark.  Although I think it best if I keep painting and knitting with the lights on!

Darla, our 5 year old black lab, is having CCL surgery on Tuesday to fix a torn ligament in her back right leg. CCL in a dog is like the ACL in a human. She has been on a leash for a week and a half.  It started as a severe limp so we were resting the leg.  It got better quickly, but I read about pulled muscles and learned that it could me more so we kept her on the leash and took her to the vet.  And the diagnosis was torn CCL.  So she had to remain on leash walks and will remain on leash walks for 8 weeks after the surgery.  She loves to run in her yard and is not too happy about being on a leash.  She is so sweet and patient about this process so far.   When she is finally  off leash she will probably jump out of her fur with excitement!   I'm a bit worried that she will re injure her leg or hurt her other one.  I have a plan though.  Buddy will have to go on patrol in the yard for the first few weeks before Darla can go out so he can chase away any as many birds, squirrel, deer or anything else that runs.  We have to get to that point though!   If you knew Buddy you would know how completely crazy that plan is.  Most times when I left him out he just stands and look at me.   Either I'm suppose to go out with him or he's afraid he is going to miss something.  So it will really be Buddy and I outside ridding the yard of things that Darla can chase.

I have an IPad on loan for 4 months   No idea what I will do when the loan is up.  The loan is part of a research project at Princeton University, where I work.  If you are interested, here is the link.  The TUBE project is how I got an IPad to use for 4 months . . . And use it I am!  I can type a post any time any where.  PRETTY COOL!   So what was it I was saying in the beginning about taking break from the computer.